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Student Application

Your Name:
Personal Journal (link please):
Your Character Name:
Your Character Journal:
Heritage (including ethnicity and blood):

How does your character translate to the Harry Potter universe? (Explain how your character’s canon traits will mesh with the universe. Answer should be multi-paragraph)

Describe your character's passion (their main life goal, and driving motivating force):

Describe your character's foible (a major character flaw that keeps them from achieving their passion):

Describe your character's physical attributes:

List your characters magical strengths or best classes:

List your characters magical weaknesses or worst classes:

List your characters hobbies (magical or non):

Give fifteen keywords (positive AND negative) to describe your character:

Write a sample RP of exactly 100 words:

Describe your character's family & family history:

Describe your character's background:

Who will you use as a model for your character? Please LINK a picture or post a small image.

Your Past RPG Experience (with detailed explanations and links whenever possible):
Please post completed application in comments to this post. Comments will not be screened. Formatting is appreciated to make your application easier to read, but not necessary. Please check spelling and grammar.
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